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We seek expert generalist engineers who can work effectively with others and contribute in areas such as mission-critical financial applications, large scale distributed systems, high-performance trading platforms, and cloud infrastructure.


  • Development and maintenance of large, complex software and hardware systems, including identification of bottlenecks and optimization of performance.

  • Design and development of monitoring tools and interfaces that enable analysis of data from all aspects of our existing systems.

  • Lead complex projects, including gathering project requirements, translating them into a rational software design.

  • Supporting and improving existing technology infrastructure.


You are skilled in some combination of:

  • design, development, testing, and maintenance of large software systems.

  • building high-performance, multi-threaded or shared memory systems.

  • designing and building monitoring tools, GUI, web tools, and web applications.

  • support of real-time operations and critical systems in production.

  • systems-level programming and hacking the OS (especially Linux).

  • scripting languages such as shell scripts, Python, etc.

  • writing programs to parse, process, and/or analyze large data sets.